Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP)

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Proposal Projek Tahun Akhir / Final Year Project Proposal

1. Project title
Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP)

2. Introduction
Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP) is a computerize system that applies in a restaurant service. In this system, the restaurant will divide into four sections. First is the waiter (PDA), second is the food section, third section is the water section and last is cashier section.
Using PDA, the staff will take an order from customer and the order will be send to the server. In the meantime, food section and the water section kitchen will get the order information form server simultaneously, when the food and the drink order is finished, it will send the data back to the server and inform the PDA to deliver the food to customers. The system will save the order that have been made into the database in the server, so that cashier can check up and calculate the bill. With this database, the manager can know that the transaction and the manager also can monitor and control the operation and performance of the restaurant.

3. Problem statements
Today, many restaurants still using the traditional way of service, as we can see that in the traditional service that restaurant use today is that, the waiter takes the customers order by pen and paper. This is a low efficiency method, inconvenient and may contain mistakes. For example, if the waiter lost his order paper in the hustle or the waiters writing is hard to understand, that may cause the kitchen and cashier mess up the orders also may cause calculation errors.
By using Restaurant Service System Using PDA (RestUP), it makes the service more efficiency and can help the manager to avoid human error and enhance the business development. In this system, the ordering transaction is a step by step model to make the transaction more systematic and the system can guide the staff to avoid errors. Beside the efficiency service, by using this system it can gave a better quality service to customer and it will attract more customers to the restaurant to get this quality of service.

4. Objectives of the project
The objectives of the project are listed below:
I. To computerize the ordering system so that it can make the transaction more systematic.
II. To avoid command errors such as waiter lost his order paper or the waiters handwriting is hard to understand.
III. To save all the transactions into the database and using that database, the manager can know the transaction that has been made.

5. Scope of the project
The scope of this system is only for the one restaurant to use it and when the blackout is occurring hence it is out the scope. This system will be use for the end user such as manager, staff and administration as well. For the manager it can monitor the operation and performances of the restaurant and for the staff it can help makes the service more efficiency and avoid human error. For the administration, it can help the admin to calculate the profit from the database.