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Do You Know? - Virginia Apgar

Virginia Apgar was one of Columbia University's first female M.D.s. She graduated in 1933. She was one of the first American women to specialize in surgery. She became Columbia's first-ever full Professor of Anesthesiology in 1949. Apgar specialized in anesthesia and childbirth. She invented the Newborn Scoring System, also called the Apgar Score, in 1949 that assessed the health of newborns. In 1959, Apgar was appointed the Director of the March of Dimes. She died in 1974.
Newborn Scoring System

Apgar's research on anesthesia and childbirth led her to her greatest innovation: the Newborn Scoring System---better known as the "Apgar Score"---for assessing the health of newborn infants, which she conceived in 1949, refined, and finally published in 1953. Up until that time, babies at birth were assumed to be in good health unless they exhibited some obvious difficulty or defect: needless to say, internal deficiencies (e.g., circulatory or respiratory) could be missed…